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Leeds is the UK’s 4th largest city and is the 2nd largest in the North of England.
One of the nation’s most important financial centres, our great city is growing faster than any other city in the UK! With a population of 3 million people and an economy worth £65 billion, Leeds is truly thriving.
Property investment in Leeds is truly a no-brainer if you ask us. 

Leeds’ economy is expected to grow by over 20% in the next 5 years. Massive redevelopment plans around the city centre are bringing several multi million pound schemes to our horizons in the next few years. HS2 (the new high speed rail route connecting the North to London) will undoubtedly also bring with it a huge boost for our local area when the existing Leeds station will be expanded to accommodate over 60 million rail travellers per year.

Leeds has very high levels of employment opportunities and is home to several universities including the formidable University of Leeds, and the highly successful Leeds Metropolitan University.

 Not only do people relocate to Leeds for new employment opportunities, but there are many first­class schools which pull thousands of families to our city each year.

Property in Leeds consistently outperforms almost every other city for rental yield, whilst maintaining consistent and steady long­term capital growth. In the last 20 years our area has seen the average property value increase from £81,000 to £189,000. Net rental yields for typical Buy­-To-­Let properties range from 5%­-8%, depending on their location (the lower yielding properties usually attracting higher capital growth, and visa versa).

In 2020 Leeds and surrounding areas have outpaced every other region for capital growth with property values increasing between 5-10% in just 12 months. 

The rental market is consistently very strong across the board with high levels of tenant demand ranging from 1 bed urban flats, to 2 bed terraced homes, 3 bed semi’s in the suburbs right up to semi­rural 4+ bedroom family homes.

It’s no wonder then that Leeds, with all it has to offer to people of all ages, is one of the very best places to own property that you will find anywhere.

There are a couple of different ways you can invest in the Leeds property market and 
lettings agents in Headingley or estate agents in Horsforth can assist you whichever way appeals to you most. Here we will look at the information you will need to know – it might look daunting if you are new to this – but that’s why you have the experts on hand to guide you through the process!

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