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Do I need a 'For Sale' board?

Published: 22/02/2017 By Story

The Sale/To Let board is one of the oldest marketing tools used by Estate Agents! Even today, with the success of online marketing it is still considered one of the most important! The boards benefit your estate agent, and you, as you are likely to be keen to sell your house in a reasonable amount of time.

The boards are a symbol of a property being For Sale / To Let or Sold / Let. They get people talking, which can lead to a sale! Often homeowners are worried about their neighbours gossiping once they find out their house is on the market. However, chances are that at least one of your neighbours will have subscribed to Rightmove’s local property updates, and will have been notified as soon as you put your property on the market - board or no board!

If you live by a busy road, commuters will pass your house every day. These commuters may have no intention of buying your house, but will remember that it is on the market when talking to friends wanting to buy in the area! People talk and words spreads fast. This is a great marketing tool for your home! 

The relocators! These potential buyers don’t know the area well at all, but are visiting the area to get an idea of the kinds of properties on offer. If they like the look of your property, and the area, then they might take the time to contact the agents selling your house for more information, or find you online later.

Your home may have great curb appeal. It may be a striking design, it could be double fronted, or you may have had lovely new windows fitted. Whatever the reason your property looks good from outside is another reason the board will attract attention from Buyers. 

Many buyers take the time to walk or drive by a property before booking a viewing, to see if they like the look of it. If your estate agent doesn't give away the full address before a viewing, it is likely that your viewers will be looking out for your Sale / To Let board when trying to find your property.

It may not be a new tool, but it's still an extremely effective tool when it comes to selling your home. 

If you’d like any more advice on selling from an Estate Agent in Leeds, please get in touch.  We’d be very happy to help.