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  • Olive

    2024-04-09 11:44:11

    (5 stars)

    I would like to thank Alicia for all the help and support. She is a helpful and professional agency. Nice and friendly towards customers.

  • Rakesh Shah

    2024-04-08 19:44:04

    (5 stars)

    I have been dealing with Alicia Stanley since I started my journey as a Landloard with Dwell Leeds. Its been nearly 2 years.

  • Mr Aaron Walker

    2024-04-08 11:44:05

    (5 stars)

    Sohail, Ross and Alicia provided an incredibly smooth rental process from the previous tenants providing notice through the advertising process and Sohail’s speedy responses in the short period between tenants reassuring us everything was on track.

  • Akinkunmi Akinsanya

    2024-04-05 14:44:05

    (5 stars)

    Working with Olly was a fantastic experience! Their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication exceeded my expectations. They listened carefully to my needs and provided personalised guidance throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Olly to anyone in search of a reliable and knowledgeable agent.

  • Wong Wing Ka

    2024-04-03 13:23:59

    (4 stars)

    So quick to get the response and solution from Dwell Leeds for help.

  • Mehreen Khan

    2024-04-03 10:44:25

    (5 stars)

    I was looking for a family home for me and my son to move into. Ollie and Alicia from Dwell Leeds were absolutely fantastic and supportive from the start of my journey with Dwell. Ollie was pleasant , helpful and was able to guide me through the process. The process was done quick and efficiently with also him working beyond office hours to support me with my move in to my new home. I would definitely recommend Dwell estate agent, their hard work , professionalism and support throughout my application process was exceptional.

  • Mehreen Khan

    2024-04-03 10:44:20

    (5 stars)

    I was looking for a family home for me and my son to move into. Ollie and Alicia from Dwell Leeds were absolutely fantastic and supportive from the start of my journey with Dwell. Ollie was pleasant , helpful and was able to guide me through the process. The process was done quick and efficiently with also him working beyond office hours to support me with my move in to my new home. I would definitely recommend Dwell estate agent, their hard work , professionalism and support throughout my application process was exceptional.

  • Callum Dolan

    2024-04-03 07:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Alicia’s been great at not just keeping me updated with everything to do with my property, but also as a sounding board for what’s going on in the wider market too.

  • Max

    2024-03-14 10:45:58

    (5 stars)

    Dwell, and specifically Alicia, have been a massive help throughout my moving process. They had no issue with me changing things around due to changing circumstances and have always communicated things very quick

  • Thomas Croos

    2024-03-06 11:44:11

    (5 stars)

    I am impressed with Jasmine Falconer knowledge and professionalism in elucidating everything about the property.

  • Rhys Bovensiepen

    2024-03-04 11:19:17

    (5 stars)

    We are using Dwell Leeds to sell our property in Headingley. The service has been exceptional from start to finish. Alicia and Jasmine have been very knowledgable, friendly and proactive. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to sell or rent their property.

  • Jan

    2024-03-04 09:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Very good agency, good contact, rented house for 2 years with them, zero issues for the whole renting time

  • Emma Batchelor

    2024-03-03 14:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Really easy experience, very quick turn around when I was looking to move in asap Would definitely recommend to anyone

  • Shannon Vanhorne-Quartey

    2024-02-27 21:44:07

    (5 stars)

    Alicia was very helpful and professional. Quick service and polite during process.

  • Esther Badu

    2024-02-17 16:44:02

    (5 stars)

    Nice and friendly towards customers and are available to answer all questions

  • Zoi Antonopoulou

    2024-02-09 06:44:05

    (5 stars)

    Very good service, straightforward and clear communication and instructions provided.

  • Isaac Aborisade

    2024-02-06 18:44:11

    (5 stars)

    I like her service and she’s an understanding person, thanks

  • Zach Rose

    2024-01-29 13:44:08

    (5 stars)

    I have rented property through Dwell twice now. Both times u have been pleased with the staffs professionalism and help through the process of agreeing the rental for the properties. I can especially comment Alicia in my most recent experience. She was incredibly helpful throughout and I can\'t thank her enough!

  • Firas Farah

    2024-01-18 18:44:02

    (5 stars)

    Alicia was very kind, patient and supportive throughout our stressful move across the country. Communication was very clear and our questions were answered promptly. She flagged up any of our missing info\/papers and helped us stick to our very tight schedule. We are very grateful for that.

  • Robbie palacios

    2024-01-18 10:44:02

    (5 stars)

    Brilliant through this process always helpful and always supportive great asset to your company

  • Tom Morley

    2024-01-16 14:28:47

    (5 stars)

    Always been quick and open with communication whenever we\'ve needed any help. No issues getting things sorted quickly and kept up to date with any changes in contracts. Would highly recommend!

  • Taylor Wong

    2024-01-16 14:26:41

    (5 stars)

    Alicia was work hard &helpful. Dan was so work hard &smart.

  • gloria wanza

    2024-01-11 15:10:39

    (5 stars)

    My experience with Dwell as a prospective tenant was amazing. The process ran smoothly and I received guidance at every stage. Alicia offered tremendous support through out referencing especially with me being out of the country. Communication was always timely and clear. I couldn't recommend them enough.

  • Chloe Elizabeth

    2024-01-10 18:44:07

    (5 stars)

    From being shown round the property, to application, references and getting the keys, everything ran super smoothly. Both Dan and Alicia were extremely friendly, responsive and professional. Cant thank them enough for such a quick turn around.

  • michael efobi

    2024-01-10 14:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Great professionals. Made my move seamless and very smooth. I strongly recommend.

  • Ryan

    2024-01-09 10:44:13

    (5 stars)

    I have been dealing with Amelia with general plumbing maintenance issues. Communication is always clear and issues resolved promptly. We appreciate the hard work she puts in.

  • Michael Green

    2024-01-05 15:16:17

    (5 stars)

    Dwell took over the management of our property and have done an excellent job of turning it around. They have managed to recover a year of arrears and also bring the property back into a good lettable condition.

  • Cathryn Perkins

    2024-01-04 09:55:59

    (5 stars)

    Many thanks to Jasmine for showing us a beautiful property and remaining friendly and professional despite the miserable weather!

  • Lois Bentley

    2023-12-29 15:44:02

    (5 stars)

    Clear, friendly, informative. I am new to this so Ross took me through all the elements, leaving nothing out. I felt supported and next steps were summarised after the call.

  • Hannah Sharma

    2023-12-28 13:45:59

    (5 stars)

    A pleasure doing business! Alicia was fantastic throughout the whole process, she kept me well informed and made everything as simple as possible for me. I needed to move out before a specific date and she ensured that everything was organised for me and ready to move in. I am so happy with the property and I am very grateful for such a smooth process and it was a pleasure doing business with Dwell!

  • Vicci Hamilton

    2023-12-27 11:44:06

    (5 stars)

    My experience with Dwell has been excellent, my property had been on the market elsewhere for 6 months. I switched to Dwell where Jasmine talked me through everything and organised a speedy switch and created a fantastic listing of the property. Within 1 week I had 2 viewings and the property sold. I highly recommend Dwell and Jasmine.

  • Renata Ibeh

    2023-12-20 12:44:56

    (5 stars)

    Jasmine was great from start to finish. She was very approachable and responded to all my requests efficiently and in timely manner. She didn\'t shy away from any of my questions and was very open and honest about the sale process as well as the property itself.

  • Nina

    2023-12-18 17:44:08

    (5 stars)

    Very helpful, friendly and accommodating to all needs. They went above an beyond for myself and the buyers

  • Nevil Owen

    2023-12-18 12:43:09

    (5 stars)

    I\'ve only recently started working with Dwell, they\'ve been helping me find investment properties in Leeds. So far brilliant, Jasmine has been really helpful, going out of her way to find and set up viewings at suitable properties, helping me negotiate with vendors, and giving me a better understanding of the local market. I\'m looking forward to working more with them and would happily recommend Jasmine to anyone looking for help finding suitable properties in Leeds.

  • Oluwaseun Matty

    2023-12-13 13:44:01

    (5 stars)

    One the best professional estate agency. The rental process was smooth.

  • Shino Joseph

    2023-12-08 17:44:02

    (5 stars)

    I was looking for an accommodation for my friend. Did approach to Dwell Leeds and the support was great, all staff were good , especially Alicia . A big thank you to Dwell.


    2023-12-08 09:40:02

    (5 stars)

    Jasmine Falconer is a great, helpful, and reliable agent. I would like to work with her closely for my sourcing agent in Leeds in the future. Thanks Jazz

  • Kay Fung

    2023-12-07 15:44:01

    (5 stars)

    I am an overseas investor and use the full property management service of Dwell Leeds for around 3 years. Thank you so much Jon and Ross for managing the refurb works of my properties in Leeds and the whole team for taking care of my properties so well. And thank you so much Jasmine for securing various buyers to bid up my property for sale. I wish all my other properties not in Leeds could have been managed by Dwell Leeds as well!

  • Stephen Horsfall

    2023-12-07 10:33:23

    (5 stars)

    All the best to Pru on her maternity leave. Thank you for your service leading me through the Landlord Rental minefield. I could not have done it correctly without you.

  • Samin Parikh

    2023-11-23 09:24:25

    (5 stars)

    Right from the start Alicia has helped me, from moving in to moving out she's always been available either on call or via email which has been really helpful.

  • alison read

    2023-11-19 19:44:01

    (4 stars)

    Dwell were very professional and helpful throughout. Ross was very helpful at suggesting how to prepare the property for renting at the end of the refurbishment. Dan and Alicia were available and patient with my questions and enquiries. They supported me through the process and provided valuable advice and expertise.

  • Olubusayo Adekanmbi

    2023-11-17 11:44:14

    (5 stars)

    Alicia was attentive to my needs and enquiries. She helped in sorting the documentation part and speeding it up.

  • Tom k

    2023-11-11 12:44:48

    (5 stars)

    Fantastic turnaround on issues reported, Michal especially responsive and helpful

  • Liz Lanfear

    2023-11-02 11:44:03

    (5 stars)

    Alicia, Prudence, Michal & Dan are absolutely outstanding, and a brilliant team. They always go the extra mile, are extremely efficient and helpful. They are a joy.

  • Magda Wanacka

    2023-11-01 11:09:27

    (5 stars)

    I had a great experience with Prudence, she was lovely and professional and was able to help with all of my queries!

  • Tanimowo Alli-Balogun

    2023-10-21 05:44:01

    (5 stars)

    I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service provided by Dwell letting agent. From the moment I contacted them, the entire team displayed an unwavering commitment to making my move happen within a week. Dan, who helped with viewings, was incredibly flexible and accommodating, which was a huge relief as I don\'t live in Leeds. Alicia was a problem-solving wizard, swiftly finding solutions to expedite the process. However, the real hero of the story is Ross. He was an absolute angel throughout the entire process. His level of dedication and patience were unmatched. Ross went above and beyond to ensure that my referencing was completed within a week. He even stayed late at the office, waiting past closing hours, just to hand me the keys to my new place. Ross\'s commitment and kindness made the whole moving experience a breeze. I can\'t thank the team enough for their outstanding efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend this letting agent to anyone in need of a seamless and stress-free move.

  • Bridie Tennant

    2023-10-19 20:44:31

    (5 stars)

    Dwell lettings have been great, start to finish. I’ve had wonderful support from the team, especially Alicia who has provided clear answers to my questions, making the process of moving house very easy.

  • Jodie Carty

    2023-10-12 07:44:08

    (5 stars)

    I came in to look for a house we could rent for our family prue exsplained everything and helped me out massively she\'s lovely thankyou so much pru x

  • Arinze Onyiah

    2023-10-09 11:30:59

    (5 stars)

    Great agency, Very accommodating and flexible One of the best agencies I\'ve been with

  • James

    2023-10-03 08:59:35

    (5 stars)

    It was a good tenancy & easy deposit refund process