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  • Jill Brading

    2023-04-30 14:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Both members of staff I am supporting have been innovative and hard working, helping build my business. I cannot thank them enough for their consistency, even when I have had my doubts.

  • Fabien Lammoth

    2023-04-30 10:25:32

    (5 stars)

    It's been great working with Melissa. It's always the most personal attentive service. I wouldn't anyone else than Dwell manage my properties.

  • Samin Parikh

    2023-04-28 18:44:36

    (5 stars)

    Melissa was extremely helpful and made sure that all my answers got answered. She\'s been prompt with my queries too.

  • Panchal Dhaval

    2023-04-28 18:44:27

    (5 stars)

    highly recommend them enough if you\'re looking to rent a property in Leeds.. Easily reachable company and great customer service. Would like to mention Melissa She has Been professional, responsive and kind Throughout. Any questions I had asked after viewing she gave me answer very kindly and also I sent off by email and she got back to me very quickly with answers..

  • M Selby

    2023-04-28 17:44:45

    (5 stars)

    I have been using Dwell Letting Agents for only a few months, so I\'m not acquainted with the entire team, however I always feel reassured when dealing with Alicia who has been helpful and prompt in responding to any queries. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for Alicia and she certainly seems to get things done. Thanks Alicia!

  • Samuel Confederat

    2023-04-28 16:45:06

    (5 stars)

    I have been a tenant with Dwell in Leeds for the past 2 years and I have had a very positive experience renting with them. They are always very professional and very helpful in getting things processed quickly and keeping me updated. Overall, Dwell offers a great customer service and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • Chris Brooksbank

    2023-04-28 12:45:39

    (5 stars)

    Dwell are friendly and professional, they really know their stuff. The staff are also proactive in terms of contact so you get to know the individuals.

  • Simon Duckworth

    2023-04-28 10:44:19

    (5 stars)

    Melissa is amazing with tenants, many thanks for fill our latest HMO with tenants you have a passion for lettings.

  • Laura Strickland-Clark

    2023-04-27 17:07:55

    (5 stars)

    Alicia has been so helpful throughout the letting experience, keeping in consistent communication and answering any questions I had along the way, as well as making the process so easy for me!

  • Olivia Summers

    2023-04-24 10:44:29

    (5 stars)

    Dwell made the moving in process run as smooth as possible. Lovely staff, very professional and answered any query we had throughout.

  • Raja Ahtsham Shabir

    2023-04-20 12:30:29

    (5 stars)

    Alicia provided a great service throughout the whole process. She was patient and responded all my queries in a timely manner.

  • jessica andreia

    2023-04-14 10:44:05

    (5 stars)

    We are very satisfied with the service we had. The agent was always very kind and available to clarify all our questions.

  • Louis Francis

    2023-04-13 11:44:06

    (5 stars)

    Melissa has been fantastic to work with. She was able to achieve great rents for our property and maintained good communication throughout the process.

  • Conor Neilan

    2023-04-13 10:44:03

    (5 stars)

    Great experience Great service from all the Dwell team. Notably Melissa and who are always extremely polite, friendly and responsive. Would highly recommend their service

  • James Firth

    2023-04-11 14:12:50

    (5 stars)

    Amazing staff and very helpful, Pru has gone above and beyond with jobs needed to be done and been very understanding and professional throughout.

  • Paul Findlay

    2023-04-10 10:44:03

    (5 stars)

    I have been a client of Dwell for over ten years, and each tenant they have found has been excellent. The team at Dwell provide a very high-quality service, from initial requirement through to contract, and all parts of the process in between. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Dwell to any landlord who wants a hassle-free experience and look forward to continuing my business relationship with them. Top class.

  • Sarah Jewhurst

    2023-04-03 08:59:49

    (5 stars)

    I have found Pru very helpful in the way she gets straight on with sorting out the problems that come up in the property.

  • Ryan Revill

    2023-03-31 18:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Melissa was very helpful throughout the process and even went to the property again when we could not access the bedroom during my first visit to take a video and send to me before I sent the paperwork, which I found solidified me to rent the property.

  • Laura Strickland-Clark

    2023-03-31 16:44:08

    (5 stars)

    Melissa was amazing, so friendly and welcoming during viewings and then easy to contact and discuss things with during the admin stage of the rental aspect.

  • Oliver Dighton

    2023-03-31 16:44:05

    (5 stars)

    In a country full of horrendous lettings agencies, Dwell stands out as an honest and well ran company. They have a friendly and organised team, well maintained properties, and advertise fair rental prices. Hard to come by these days!

  • Megan Kelly

    2023-03-31 16:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Easily the best letting agents I\'ve experienced. Melissa is a really well-informed and friendly letting agent, and all admin was done quickly and efficiently.

  • Vasileios Katziouras

    2023-03-31 08:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Had a great experience with Melissa, she helped me with letting my new flat, facilitated the viewing and upon receiving the application, moved the procedure forward in a friendly, efficient and timely manner

  • Ross Andren

    2023-03-30 13:39:24

    (5 stars)

    Integrity. My interactions with Dwell showed they are working in integrity through their processes and thinking. This stands out to me against many other local agents who only repeat the same mantras without actually caring to live up to them

  • Charles Wood

    2023-03-27 16:44:37

    (5 stars)

    Having signed with a property through Dell I can guarantee you will have great service. Melissa was excellent and I great help to us. Could not recommend anymore!

  • Greg H

    2023-03-23 17:44:11

    (5 stars)

    Very helpful and attentive staff. Always ready to put up with me calling which was a bonus! Got my issues sorted pretty quickly.

  • Elizabeth

    2023-03-21 13:44:09

    (5 stars)

    The letting agents i dealt with were helpful and quick responses were given to any questions. Friendly staff. Happy with the service provided.

  • Bradley proctor

    2023-03-16 17:44:44

    (5 stars)

    Couldn’t have asked for more from Alicia and everyone at dwell Leeds, answered all my questions promptly and made everything so easy

  • Enrico Giangrande

    2023-03-16 10:21:31

    (5 stars)

    Very helpful, was able to clarify all of our doubts and was very helpful as well during the entire process...

  • James Macdonald

    2023-03-10 09:44:04

    (5 stars)

    Dwell were really good and quick at handling a few issues during my tenancy in a shared house. They were very professional and had good communication.

  • Martyna Socha

    2023-03-08 11:44:13

    (5 stars)

    I would like to thank Alicia for all the help and support in renting my new home. You made the process simple and stress-free. I can strongly recommend Dwell Leeds, and thank you for making the rent process so easy.

  • Mark Murphy

    2023-03-08 11:30:15

    (5 stars)

    Alicia was very helpful during my application and moving in process, making everything as hassle-free as possible. She always responded promptly to my queries with a pleasant manner and it was nice to finally meet her in person when I went to collect my keys. Thanks!

  • Jesutofunmi onayemi

    2023-02-22 15:45:16

    (5 stars)

    It was rather a fast and straightforward process deployed by Melissa and Alicia when I came to them for immediate accommodation.

  • Grzegorz

    2023-02-22 14:44:53

    (5 stars)

    Really friendly and helpful letting agent. Thanks for helping with new property, looking forward for long term rent. Highly recommended Melissa.

  • Damen Hughes

    2023-02-20 16:44:27

    (5 stars)

    I’ve had a terrible time attempting to find somewhere to live this year. With all of the changes that seem to have become prominent in the world of letting, the experience has left me feeling very jaded and I hope this is the last time I ever have to do it. The one shining beacon of hope I have had has been Melissa. She looked after me like a human being. Understood my needs and requirements and supported me on this difficult journey. Remembered what it was I was looking for and helped in narrowing down the place I eventually ended up going for. I never wanted to use another letting agency and my heart sank every time I found a property that wasn’t with Dwell. Melissa is the soul reason for that connection.

  • Dr. Shival Dubey

    2023-02-17 13:44:01

    (5 stars)

    Our experience of getting assistance from Alicia and Melissa was excellent. Alicia helped us throughout our journey from getting the agreement done to checking in without much hassle, plus each time when I phoned her with my doubts, she handled it quite professionally. Loved the service.

  • Uchenna Anigbogu

    2023-02-10 10:46:09

    (5 stars)

    One of the best agency in the Uk, they helped me and my family get accommodation faster and smoothly without struggle, will recommend to anyone anytime anyday

  • ISA

    2023-02-09 18:44:18

    (5 stars)

    Melissa is very friendly,patient, attentive and profissional. It was a pleasure to do the viewing with her. I would recommend her.

  • Sagar Doultani

    2023-02-09 13:42:07

    (5 stars)

    Great experience! The agent Melissa was really friendly and helpful. I would say I had a good customer service experience.

  • Francesco

    2023-01-24 21:44:23

    (5 stars)

    Both Melissa and Alicia are walking me through step by step the process to rent my new room. They are always promptly replying to any request. Alicia is my point of contact with Canopy whenever I need additional help while Melissa is the agent who showed me the accommodation and the person who helps with any general enquiry. Thanks to both of you!

  • Teodora Gabriela Bagalut

    2023-01-24 13:31:39

    (5 stars)

    Thanks to the Dwell team for their help, especially Alicia Stanley, she explained everything and helped me with the rental processing steps. Thanks a lot! 🤗

  • Kyle ackroyd

    2023-01-23 11:44:17

    (5 stars)

    Melissa was very helpful and thorough with showing me around a new rental, had all the details to my questions, can\'t thank her enough helping me out on short notice!

  • Mark Murphy

    2023-01-19 14:44:19

    (5 stars)

    Melissa was very friendly and helpful, making the whole viewing experience and subsequent correspondence much more enjoyable. Her communication was excellent which helped move the process along with the minimum of fuss. Thanks!

  • Steven Singh

    2023-01-18 14:06:32

    (5 stars)

    Alicia was really knowledgeable and responded to my questions quickly with concise answers, and really went the extra mile to help.

  • Jessica

    2023-01-13 09:44:01

    (5 stars)

    An excellent experience throughout the letting process. Alicia and Pru and the rest of the team have been extremely helpful

  • James

    2023-01-12 16:44:49

    (5 stars)

    Convenient modern process and guidance throughout. Pleasant and positive so far. I would recommend to others etc. Thanks Dwell Leeds.

  • Vitalijs Tazovs

    2023-01-12 09:44:10

    (5 stars)

    Dwell Leeds best letting agents Leeds. More say Thanks Alicia help sort out easy application form all papers and Melissa

  • Chikumbutso Mpando

    2023-01-11 21:44:07

    (5 stars)

    Very good communication and honest. Alicia was responsive. It didn\'t get long to get feedback after the first enquiry. She understood what I needed and was able to quickly offer similar properties when I failed to secure the property I\'d initially applied for. I did a virtual viewing and I got exactly what I was offered.

  • Krisztián Kató

    2023-01-10 12:17:37

    (5 stars)

    So far a good experience with Dwell, our agent Melissa Carmichael was really helpful, quick responses, good follow up on queries with the landlord.

  • Arun Ganesh

    2023-01-09 11:44:11

    (5 stars)

    Great experience viewing the property. Melissa detailed it very clearly and took me through the entire property with lots of patience and smile.


    2023-01-04 20:44:10

    (5 stars)

    I had a positive experience with Melissa - she was very helpful, friendly and answered all of my queries quickly. It was a smooth, stress free process with Melissa!