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How to sell you house in winter Capitalising on untapped opportunities

Published: 01/12/2017 By SD

The nights are drawing in, the temperatures are plummeting, and you  are probably thinking that no one in their right mind would be looking  to sell their home at this time of year.

In the lead up to  Christmas, many buyers put their search on hold in favour of completing  the Christmas shopping, staying warm and dry and generally winding down  for the end of the year.

But what about the period just after  Christmas? Most people don’t return to work until after the new year and  apart from polishing off the remainder of the Christmas turkey, they  have a lot of time on their hands to think and plan.

Untapped Opportunities

With  days and days without the stress of work, people start to get things in  order, set new goals and get ready for the year ahead. Many set New  Year’s Resolutions, which often include moving home.

Before you know it they will be reaching for the phone or tablet and heading to Rightmove to begin their search…

With  a huge number of potential buyers browsing available properties, this  is a prime opportunity to market your home to the many motivated buyers  beginning their search. It is therefore important that your property is  visible, with a great advert to boot.

In fact, Rightmove data shows a  26% rise in people searching Rightmove for properties from January –  March when compared with October – December. This surge in interest is a  prime opportunity for you to take advantage of when selling your home.

But wait, this opportunity doesn’t end here….

This  is because most vendors are waiting for Spring to list their property.  This means there are less properties available for buyers in December  and January. This means less competition for you!

More demand + Less competition = Great opportunities for you!

How You Can Capitalise

At this point, you’re probably thinking that producing your great property ad takes time and a lot of effort. And we’d agree!
So,  let’s talk logistics……. You’ve got family round for Christmas and  tidying for photographs is a stress you can do without. Not only that,  your agent wants to visit to measure up and a contractor needs to visit  to carry out an Energy Performance Certificate. Nightmare!

The  answer…… remove the stress and get it all done before the festive period  arrives. Christmas is a time to enjoy in peace with your family and I’m  certain that no one dreams of a Christmas tidying up after the family  so their agent can come round and take photos. So why not avoid this  inconvenience? By instructing an agent to prepare the advert in late  November/early December, you can enjoy Christmas safe in the knowledge  that you are ready to hit the ground running after the festivities are  finished and to catch the surge in buyer interest.

If you are  thinking of selling your home and want to take advantage of the busy New  Year period – we’re on hand to help. If you have a property you would  like to sell in the New Year and you need a great Estate Agent in Leeds,  give us a call and get ahead of the game now.