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Leeds Article 4 Area

Published: 03/10/2017

If you're an investor thinking about purchasing a HMO or purchasing a dwelling house to convert to a HMO, you will be interested in where the Article 4 boundaries are.

Outside of the article 4 area planning permission for change of use (C3 to C4) would not be required.  This takes uncertainty out of the investment decision and makes the process simpler for you. It may also make lending easier for you.

Provided there is strong demand from tenants, investing in HMO's outside of Article 4 may be a good strategy for you. For that reason we would like to share the Article 4 map supplied by Leeds City Council.

The Article 4 areas covers all of inner Leeds running through Cookridge to the north east of Leeds, through Roundhay, Gipton, and down to Beeston to the south of Leeds. It run back up through Armley and Wortley, then through Bramley and up to Horsforth to the north of Leeds.

If you need a high resolution version of the map, get in touch today and we'll send one over to you.

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